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Blue Smart Force Tester

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The importance of force testing and new evolutionary force tester product launched by Ellard.

Are your doors and gates compliant? The importance of force testing cannot be underestimated by installers!


Typically only referred to when installing automated gates, force testing doors and shutters has received increased attention recently.

It is not only automated gates that must be force tested, industrial doorsbarriers and automatic garage doors must all be subjected to the same regulations and force limitations. Force Testing for doors and gates is subjected to a number of regulations and failure to sufficiently test on site or show evidence of EC approved testing can lead to severe consequences for fitters and employers.

Force testers are a handheld measurement instrument for determining closing forces of power operated doors and gates.

Mandatory annual calibration is required according to the DIN 18650 and EN 12445

Ellard have acquired a new innovative product for force testing.

Ellard present a new and evolutionary force tester.  Thanks to the latest wireless functions, the BlueForce Smart is able to interface with a PC or the latest generation of smartphones, exploiting the graphic potential and connectivity of the internet.

BlueForce Software
The powerful software supplied with the product can be used immediately by anyone who is  familiar with Microsoft Windows.
  • Guide to taking force tests, with the application of the integrated legislation
  • Downloading tests from the gauge memory and Pocket PC via Bluetooth
  • Viewing the impact curve, and calculating parameters and averages
  • Advanced graphics functions (zoom, limit mask, grid)
  • Automatic evaluation of measurement results
  • Graphic representation of the measuring points for all types of doors/gates
  • Customer and door/gate database management, with Export/Import functions
  • Automatic test report generation, for enclosure in technical file
  • Print option for reports and graphs in PDF (printer not included, please request at time of order) 
  • Periodic upgrades available on-line

Testing is required to prove legal compliance, force testing is only part of he many check that must take place.

Moving parts must be tested include:

  • Measuring over-travel for hold to run
  • Measuring forces for limitation of force
  • Testing light grid or laser scanner coverage and response
  • Testing electrical circuits
  • Measuring guard and enclosure apertures and safety clearances

Technical Specification

Force Tester

Smart Force Tester  
Dimentions and Weight 280x80x50mm – approx 1.6kg
Power Supply 9V alkaline battery
Memory Capacity 80 tests
Force Acq. Interval 6 sec, sampling at 1kHz
Force Measurment Range 0.2000N (mechanical stop at approx 2100N)
Force Measurment Resolution 1N
Dynamic Time Measurement Error Margin 0.01s
Compliant With Standards EN12445, EN 12453, EN16005, EN60335-2-95, DHF TS 011:2016
NFC Interface Standard ISO/IEC 14443 and NFC forum type 4
BLE Interface Bluetooth version 4.1
USB Interface V.2.0 specification complaint


  • What is the Fire Rating for an Ellard Roller shutter?

    It is the roller shutter that is fire rated rather than the Ellard motor. Therefore you would have to refer back to whom you bought the roller shutter from

  • What industrial door motors do you sell?

    Here at Ellard ltd we specialise in supplying industrial door motors and supply a comprehensive range of motor types and models. This includes, direct drive, flange, sectional, garage door and tubular motors. Our selection is vast, so for a comprehensive list of our products and specifications you can visit our dedicated pages or get in touch with our expert team.

  • Do your traffic barriers have obstacle detection?

    Yes, our Nubia traffic barrier has built in intelligent controllers which offer obstacle detection and built in lights to make them easy to see in the dark or in bad weather.

  • What are the benefits of direct drive motors?

    Direct drive motors remove the need to use an elaborate system of cogs. This means that the full power of the motor goes straight into the pulling mechanism, making it an extremely efficient motor. Without the extra mechanisms, it also has a very low sound output comparatively to other methods.

  • Why should I use a fire motor as part of my fire safety plan?

    Fire motors are often connected to your fire detection system and activate if fire is detected on your premises. They quickly and efficiently close helping to contain the fire and keep your employees/customers safe from the dangerous area. Government legislation requires that all fire doors must have an automatic function and all Ellard fire motors comply with the latest rules and regulations. All motors can be set to a Smoke Curtain mode, and our new Fire Door Control Panel has a panic circuit function to guarantee a means of escape.This allows you to re-open the shutter 3/4 then immediately re-close when fire alarm is still active.

  • Can I link specific access controls to my gate automation system?

    Yes, our gate automation systems can be linked to keypads, switches, intercom systems and key switches, dependant on your specifications or security requirements. Take a look at the range of controls and accessories available for gate automation.

  • Can I add extra features to my sectional door drives?

    Yes, we ensure that your sectional doors have easy wiring to add safety and access accessories.

  • What are the main applications for high speed motors?

    High speed motors are used for a wide range of purposes and can increase the efficiency of companies when time is of importance. Beverage, food, car and chemical factories often use high speed motors both to increase productivity and provide a security barrier. They can also be interlocked to create a airlock function

  • What size strips do you supply your sliding door gear track?

    Our track sections are cold rolled and in standard lengths of 2,000, 2,500 and 3,000mm and can be used for both side or top fixing. If you would like to learn more about our sliding door gear then please get in touch with our team.

  • Which motors are most commonly used for shutters and garage doors?

    Tubular motors are the most common place motor for roller garage doors and shutters. They provide a durable, fast and quiet solution for both light and heavy applications. Tubular motors can be plugged into the mains through our easy fit panel to give you low voltage at the key switch or are backed up with battery power. Additionally, we provide garage door automation for sectional and balanced doors.


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