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Bottom sealing for DW contact, inner round 37mm

SKU 1949580466 Category

Bottom sealing for DW contact, inner round 37mm


When using a DW contact as safety device, this bottom sealing has a bigger air movement, which improves operational reliability.
The connection of the sealing is adapted to the prevailing in the market and by IDD deliverable aluminum profiles. The inside diameter is 37mm.

Associated end plugs have part number 106001012
This sealing fits among others the following profiles:
item number 105002001, 105002003, 105002005, 105002006, 105002 008, 105002012.

1,5 Kg
Max. length:
50000 mm
Albin-CE, Alldoorco, Alpha Deuren International, Alsta, ConDoor, FlexiForce, Multideur, Nassau, Novoferm , Others, Universal

Market price: € 27,20 per meter


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