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Chamberlain TX4EVF 4 Channel Transmitter 868MHz EVO


Chamberlain Liftmaster TX4EVF 4 Channel Transmitter 868MHz EVO.

The TX4EVF transmitter has a blue LED indicator and operates on the 868MHz frequency. TX4EVF transmitters are included as standard on the openers of the EVF series (LM55EVF, LM60EVF, LM80EVF, LM100EVF and LM130EVF). A blue LED indicates that it is the TX4EVF at 868 MHz frequency. The transmitter has a design based on a modern and attractive vehicle key. The big buttons of the EVO transmitter also increase ease of use and offers additional comfort whilst making it possible to control up to four doors. The matt black colour provides a very elegant accessory that one is proud to carry on the key chain.

The remote control transmitter is suitable for the following drives with 868MHz:

LiftMaster: LM55EVF, LM60EVF, LM80EVF, LM100EVF and LM130EVF

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