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Comelit 1440 Network Switch 4 port

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Comelit 1440 Network Switch 4 port
Comelit 1440 Network Switch
The POE (Power over Ethernet) switch has two ports (10/100 Mb) and 4 (10 Mb) ports. Allows the connection of cables from one input to 4.

The switch performs two main functions, it directs data ViP system data packages, and provides power to extensions connected to it, and to any switch/ repeaters connected in cascade.

Technical Data
RJ45 Ports
Absorption Min. 0.7 W Max. 2.6 W
Power supply 36/57 V DC 3A Max.
Temperature thresholds -30 / 55 C

62 x 72 x 90 (hwd mm)

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