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Comelit 1441 Riser Power Supply VIP 120W

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Comelit 1441 Riser Power Supply VIP 120W
Comelit 1441 Riser power supply for providing Power Over Ethernet
The riser power supply for the Comelit ViP system provides power to the floor distribution amplifiers to provide Power Over Ethernet to the various ViP devices on the system (not including external units). The unit is mounted on a standard DIN rail and takes up the space of 6 modules.

Installation of a ViP system is non labour intensive because of CAT5E cable, compared to the old analogue systems of the past, which also made expansion difficult.

Technical Data
Input voltage 100 – 240V AC (3 A)
Output voltage 56V DC (1.8 A)
Power 100 W
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Temperature thresholds -30 55

93 x 99 x 53 (hwd mm) (6 DIN modules)

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