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FAAC 400 UK KIT CBAC Double Kit

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FAAC 400 UK KIT CBAC Double Kit
FAAC 400 CBAC Hydraulic Swing Gate Double Kit.
Part No: FAAC 400 Double Kit – 104201
Kit includes:
2 No. FAAC 400 CBAC Hydraulic Operator,
1 No. FAAC 452 MPS Control Board,
1 No. Control Board Housing,
1 No. Pair of FAAC XP20D photocells
1 No. Faac Plug in 868D adio Reciever,
2 No. Two Channel Transmitters 868 SLH.
FAAC Hydraulic Operator for condominium and industrial swing leaf gates. Frequency: 70 cycles per hour.

For gates up to 2.20 metres per leaf.
For large residential and industrial swing-leaf gates
A range of 7 different operators, with or without hydraulic locking
The exclusive hydraulic device, ensuring maximum anti-crushing protection, features two highly sensitive by pass valves.
The hydraulic locking system will hold the gates open and closed at the end of the operating cycle.
The motor unit is contained in a compact hydraulic en bloc housing. All components are oil-bath lubricated and continuously cooled, require very little maintenance, and are low on electrical power consumption.
Precision mechanics and the use of hydraulic oil as motor fluid are the secrets behind the extremely quiet movement. Reliability is assured under any atmospheric conditions and at extreme temperatures in the range of -40oC to 55oC.

Technical Specification:
Power Supply – 230Vac ( 6% – 10%) 50 (60) Hz
Absorbed Power – 220w
Absorbed Current – 1A
Motor Rotation Speed – 1400rpm
Rod Extension Speed – 1cm/s or 0.75cm/s or 1.5cm/s (Depending on model)
Pump Flow Rate: 1l/min or 0.75l/min or 1.5l/min (Depending on model)
Traction and thrust force – 0-620daN or 0-775 daN or 0-465 daN (Depending on model)
Operating ambient temperature – -40°C to 55°C
Thermal Protection on motor winding – 120°C
Operator Weight – 8.6kg
Protection Class – IP55
Type of Oil – FAAC HP Oil

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