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Seip Midi Handset AS4


Seip Midi Handset AS4 – 40MHz

This model is a 40.685MHz midi sized keyfob handset that was supplied with Seip garage door openers prior to the introduction of the 433RC handset in 1999. It provides, despite being smaller, a compatible replacement for the obsolete SE40TX handset.

This 4 red button midi remote NOW REPLACES the 40 AM handset.

Compatible with Seip A45 & A60 later models, M50, C75 & C100 later models.

Supplied with battery.

This Seip handset AS4 replaces the now obsolete 40 AM handset below.

SeipMidiHandsetAS4-SPR9500 40MHz Handset

40MHz, 4 channels

Back reads: 40 AM (40MHz)

Small LED light is red

Part Number: B40A011004


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