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We manufacture a range of louvred products, including fully louvred options in steel or aluminium, and louvred panels for inserting into our range of doors.

Louvred doors are suitable for plant rooms, boiler rooms and server rooms etc. where continuous airflow is required to ventilate machinery. A galvanised bird and vermin mesh can be supplied with our louvred doors.

Steel louvred doors

Robust steel louvred doors are stronger than traditional lightweight aluminium louvres and can be used with side and overpanels. This makes them perfect for protecting machinery vulnerable to tampering or vandalism, whilst providing continuous airflow. In addition to this, we can also produce louvred screens and enclosures.

Another application for our louvred doors is in refuse areas, allowing air to circulate in from the bottom and allowing foul odours and potential dangerous fumes to escape.

Aluminium louvres

As an option, Robust can also supply doors with leaves formed from extruded aluminium louvres in a 114mm single rebate frame. These doors are available in single or double configurations and can also be supplied with matching overpanels and side panels. In addition, the aluminium louvres can be provided as screen sections for plant enclosures etc. All louvres are available in a choice of PPC colours from our standard range.

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